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June 17, 2015
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Hello welcome to LA lingo today we'll be doing an interview section with Rennie Larsen so for today's topic we are talking about powers of attorney so what exactly is a power of attorney a power of attorney is a legal document that gives another person the ability to make decisions and do things for you when you don't have your own capacity whether it's physical or mental incapacity the other person is recognized under Ontario law to be you okay so basically with the power of attorney it's basically the document before the will takes place correct yeah it's it's like a living document as long as you're alive the power of attorney is effective but if you die then the power of attorney is dead okay so then there are two types right yes we have the power of attorney for property and then we have the power of attorney for personal care alright so just to differentiate between the two for power of attorney for property that one handles more like the business e type stuff and I just think of money people are going to put money into your bank account they're going to pay your bills they're going to collect money for you if you had a rental property they could go the tenant and get the money they can you know just represent you in property transactions of your buying or selling property anything that's of a legal nature and the power of attorney under Ontario law can go as far as but not include making a will so any other decision is there and you're free and making the document to actually put restrictions in if you only want certain areas to be covered alright so for then now with personal care that one would involve more the the matters with handling who's going to take care of you and like if you're on medication stuff like that right yeah I described it as the kind of document that you need so someone else can go to the doctor with you and sit there and listen to the doctor and help you understand the situation that you're in and to help you make medical decisions that's sort of the power of attorney for personal care but it includes living arrangements includes consent to surgery anything to do with your own physical personal care okay so then just to kind of end it off with the to do you should you get both um like is there one that you really don't need or is there one that you absolutely need when you're also making your will well when you make your will you should do the power of attorney for property and the power of attorney for personal care so you have all three documents that work together those are the ones that you need well you're still alive and then there'll be a natural transition when you pass a way that the will will take over and the executor under the will will be just like the power of attorney during your lifetime okay well thank you very much ready that was running Larson I'm Cole Larson thank you for watching law lingo we hope you have found la lingual to be interesting and informative please feel free to contact us at the...